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What is Reiki Gassho? By Diane Miller

It’s true I am on a spiritual path and I practice and rely on energy healing for myself and others. But I have never felt myself an expert on meditation. Yes, I can follow a recorded meditation, and feel pretty good afterward, as if I accomplished something good. I also pray daily, take long walks to clear my mind, to let go of things, and find my balance. And though all of these practices are beneficial I was intrigued when I read about Reiki Gassho.

Here’s what I found. Reiki Gassho was introduced to students of Reiki by Master Usui, as the first pillar of reiki. Gassho means “two hands coming together” (Visualize hands in prayer). Gassho creates a calming of the mind and an expansion of our energy. Master Usui taught his students to place their hands in the Gassho position every morning and evening. Gassho meditation teaches one to quiet the mind, thus creating single pointed focus.

I decided to put it into practice. I found when I sat in Gassho it created a stillness within me and I was able to connect to my higher self, or inner knowing easily. I basically place my hands in prayer position, closes my eyes, and bring all my awareness to the tips of my middle fingers. I notice how my fingers touch, how my palms fit together, and then I focus on the space between my palms.

If you’d like to try it start by sitting in an easy comfortable seat. I sit cross legged. As you sit in Gassho, hands in prayer position in front of your heart center, take three long deep breaths, as you inhale deeply, and exhale fully, put your attention on your fingertips, your palms, and in the space between your two palms. As you focus your attention the energy grows, and you will feel the reiki energy gathering between your palms. I feel it like a ball of energy. Breathe in and go deeper, explore where else you feel the reiki energy. Can you feel it coursing down your arms? Through your hands? Your fingers? Just notice.

As the energy builds I say the Reiki precepts that master Usui gave to us all.

“Just for today I will not worry.

Just for today I will not anger.

Just for today I will be kind to myself and every living being.

Just for today I will be grateful for all my many blessings.”

Continue to focus on the energy between your palms and say this prayer at least three times. I have found that it’s easy to sit in gassho for at least 10 minutes, and very beneficial. As you progress you may find you can sit for longer periods. When you feel you have sat for a good amount of time you can take your prayer hands and bring that reiki ball of energy to your heart or anywhere else you want to send it. You can even send it to a loved one, or a situation that needs support, or the earth. Then sit with your hands on your heart in gratitude. When you have absorbed all that Reiki energy for your day or your cause, bring your hands back together in prayer and bow to source.


· I recommend practicing Gassho in the morning and at the end of your day. If you only have time to practice once a day, well that's fine too!

· Play soft music in the background if it helps you to center yourself.

· When the mind wanders, gently press the middle fingers together and refocus.

· I begin my day with Gassho, and I offer prayers for myself, for others and the planet.

· You can use this practice even if you have never been attuned to reiki. You will feel your own sacred prana energy and you will be able to use it and send it in the same manner.

· If you can sit in Reiki Gassho for 10 minutes (put on your timer) you will gain great benefit!

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