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  • Diane Miller

Reiki Self-Treatment For Balance and Ease

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

If you are a reiki practitioner you are most likely, like me, a Giver. But what happens when we find ourselves always giving and not receiving much in return? Are we constantly able to give without receiving? Does our cup continue to runneth over? Can our well ever run dry?? I am here to tell you, that our well can indeed run dry.

When we are constantly giving and we are not receiving in an equal manner; our souls, our lives, and our very beings, become imbalanced. And consequently, our lives don’t feel good, and don’t look good. We feel stressed out, we become anxious and needy, and well, it’s not too pretty.

It makes sense, when we think of it, as we are each born with both male and female aspects of ourselves. The female aspect creates through receiving and the male aspect creates through giving. When there is an imbalance in giving and receiving our lives don’t go the way we would like. We must find a balance. As Reiki practitioners we tend to give to others so much that we often forget to give to ourselves. One evening during reiki group my reiki teacher, Nana, asked another reiki student “Do you give yourself reiki?” and she answered, “No, not really.”

I started thinking of the many times I had given myself reiki, though often I’d give myself a distance and only a hands-on reiki at night as I lay down to sleep. I made a decision to give myself reiki every morning and see how I felt. I began the next morning and I noticed that when I gave myself a hands-on treatment my day passes smoothly. I am more productive, and I’ve stopped procrastinating and a calmness spreads throughout my day. Since prioritizing self-treatment, I just feel so good. I look around and see things I’m grateful for; the breeze, flowers blooming, the rain. Even mowing my lawn. There is so much to be grateful for!

So, I implore you to give yourself Reiki self-treatments every day. You can spend 15 – 30 minutes on giving to yourself and you will receive this beautiful reiki energy that we have been gifted with. You will be so grateful for the changes you experience in your life, in your very being.

You could begin this practice by finding a comfortable seat, and if you are Reiki II or higher, draw the CKR on your hands and place your two hands together covering your face. Sit there for three minutes, or you can use your intuition and move as you are called to. Then move your hands from your face to cover your ears. Reiki your jaw by using both hands and cupping either side of your face. Then move down to your throat and also do the back of your neck. If you feel stressed and the world in weighing heavy on you move your hands to your shoulders. After that move to the place above your breast, your high heart. Then move to your heart center, your solar plexus (the place right above your navel), to your sacral area (right under your navel). Next, move to your root. You can stop here, or you can continue to your upper thighs where your legs and torso meet. Then move to mid-thigh, to knees, to shin, ankles, the bottom of your feet, and I like to do my toes. As you touch each part of yourself you will feel the reiki energy soak into your cells, soothing, and sweet.

If you start your day in this way you will find a balance in your daily life, in your inner being that you were unaware could be possible. Your day will progress beautifully with more moments of joy, happiness and laughter. You will feel smooth and light and you will be able to tackle the day's problems with ease and grace. This practice brings the Reiki flow of energy into your life every day. As you receive reiki daily you will become even more motivated to share the light of reiki with even more people. May the blessing of Reiki be with you every day to strengthen you and bring love, compassion and gratitude into your life, and to help you navigate this unpredictable beautiful world. Namaste.

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