Distance Healing for mind, body, land, home,

                                                                 and Situations

Distance Healing is healing energy sent across time and space and has a healing effect on the recipient.


The practitioner is able to access the individual's physical, emotional, and mental aspects through the energy body of the individual. The reiki energy is transmitted and thus, received by the intended recipient.

A request for healing, distance or otherwise, should always be at the request of the person in need of healing. A request for healing a person other than oneself is accepted when that person is your young child, pet, or in an emergency situation.

It is always important to have the recipient's permission when performing a healing.

Distance healing can be used as a means to heal people, animals, plants, situations(such as; job interviews, court, appointments, special occasions, etc.) As well as, buildings, spaces, home, land, crops, groups, the Earth, and soul level issues. 

I offer Distance Healing that is transmitted at a predetermined time that is agreed upon between the client and practitioner.

If performing Crystal Reiki, a crystal grid will be utilized.

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